In memory of...

I decided to write a blog in memory of one of my students who died about two weeks ago. It was a heart-wrenching experience and I feel like a part of me is gone.

I didn't get to attend the funeral. I hadn't read the Mt. Pleasant newspaper in months, so I never heard about his passing.

I remember this student well. He was always laughing and full of joy. He giggled and would always make you smile, no matter what the situation.

I tried really hard to get this particular student to be more fully included in classes with his non-disabled peers. Many times people focused on what this sweet child couldn't do. I wanted to focus on what he could do.

I came from an aspect that tried to get those kids moved more into the mainstream. Mt. Pleasant I. S. D. is moving back into the stoneage, where students with special needs are seen and not heard.

There are two events that will be of interest to me in the coming months: One of them is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and the other is Autism Awareness Month in January. Consult any of your search engines or contact the ARC of the greater Northeast Texas area for more information.