Since this will be my next post....

Well sport's fans, I am finished with the semester. School is out for four days and I am relieved. I am little perplexed at the way that God has led me.

I have little confidence. Pittsburg I. S. D. demolished what little confidence I had in myself as an educator. I'm now back in school, after an extended illness, and I am also enrolled in a dual master's program.

Very complicated, these programs of mine. My first master's degree is in elementary education with a minor in special education. I chose this route because most schools, except in Northeast Texas (namely Mt. Pleasant, Sulphur Springs, Pittsburg, and Mt. Vernon) are going to full inclusion, and I am tired of dealing with small children. I would like to teach junior high kids, maybe high school.

I am also pursuing a degree in reading, with specialization in English as a Second Language, and a minor in psychology. Why such a convoluted degree, you ask? I am planning again on content above elementary school. Reading is an all-level subject in the State of Texas, and I don't want to teach elementary school anymore. I love elementary education, but I am tired of changing diapers, teaching someone how to brush their teeth, and how to go to the bathroom.

Plus, I am tired of administrators that take a dump on my face. They think because I am only 30 that I know absolutely nothing about education. Hell, I have PDD NOS, for Christ's sake! I know what I am doing.

You are probably reading this thinking...Why does she bother? Let me tell you something people...things have got to change. Let's face it: Not everyone is going to college. And the kids I taught will be lucky if they ever can live independently. Let's be real!

I think we need to prepare kids for a vocation. And if parents want to have their kids included, that's ok. That's their choice. We just need to give parents real options-not vouchers.

Until next time....