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Arron…growing up
Like a beanstalk

Much like the myth
You have the beauty of
A mermaid

Beyond a princess
Or a bratz doll

Those beautiful eyes will observe the world when She falls
And you will see me grown old

Your hand will one day wipe sweat from
My brow
And drop water on my chapped lips

And will soothe the furrow in my face
And will one day remember better days
When my mind was clear
Like a forbidden lake
And you watch the light in my

Green eyes

Go out
What will you think? I was wild when you were
Growing up
Like a wild stallion that
Couldn’t be bridled or tames

Like trying to capture a typhoon in
A bottle
You will watch me become meek
And old and watch my hair go from
Black as jet to

And watch my eyesight fade…as my glasses get a little thicker and
My body
Gets a little weaker
Please have mercy on me for not
Remembering every birthday…and not loving your Momma like I was supposed to

When my candle goes out say a prayer for me
And scoop the earth over my face
And weep in happiness and in celebration of my life…not my parting