After a long silence....

Well, I have been silent since August. Not a lot going on in my world--just about done with my classes for the semester. For all those that even read my blog, I was very upset about the tide that education has taken in Texas.

There is however, hope for us yet. We are getting some support for a minimum tax increase. That means the school districts in Texas will get a little help.

And yes, folks I stand corrected. Charter schools do work. I took a class in the Mesquite Metroplex Center that renewed my faith in the system.

I didn't complete the class. That will be next semester. But I did get my eyes opened to how the other "half" live.

East Texas Schools should be very proud of the fact that their schools are not crowded like those of the Metroplex. Greenville has even had a major restructuring because of the TAKS business. I hope deep down in my heart that Pittsburg I. S. D. will have a similar thing happen to them.

Onward and upward folks!