In memory of...

I decided to write a blog in memory of one of my students who died about two weeks ago. It was a heart-wrenching experience and I feel like a part of me is gone.

I didn't get to attend the funeral. I hadn't read the Mt. Pleasant newspaper in months, so I never heard about his passing.

I remember this student well. He was always laughing and full of joy. He giggled and would always make you smile, no matter what the situation.

I tried really hard to get this particular student to be more fully included in classes with his non-disabled peers. Many times people focused on what this sweet child couldn't do. I wanted to focus on what he could do.

I came from an aspect that tried to get those kids moved more into the mainstream. Mt. Pleasant I. S. D. is moving back into the stoneage, where students with special needs are seen and not heard.

There are two events that will be of interest to me in the coming months: One of them is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and the other is Autism Awareness Month in January. Consult any of your search engines or contact the ARC of the greater Northeast Texas area for more information.


Books! Lulu's lists....

What are you reading?
Here is my current (07/05/07) booklist:
Ada, A. F. 2003 A Magical Encounter: Latino Children's Literature in the Classroom. CLL
American Psychiatric Association 2000 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:
Text Revised LD
Berk, L. E. 2004 Development through the Lifespan Third Edition ECE
Evanovich, J. 2005 Eleven on Top ZZZ
Ford, A., Schnorr, R., Meyer, L., Davern, A., Black, J., & Dempsey, P. 1989 The Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum Guide for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities. SPED
Hillerman, T. 2006 The Shape Shifter ZZZ
L’Engle, M. 1962 A Wrinkle in Time D
Lewis, J. 1995 The Dream Encyclopedia D
Nieto, S. 2004 Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical context of Multicultural Education Fourth Edition T
Oelwein, P. L. 1995 Topics in Down Syndrome: Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome-A Guide for Parents and Teachers SPED
Pavlak, S. 1985 Classroom Activities For Correcting Specific Reading Problems LL
Pereguoy, S. F., and Boyle, O. F. 2005 Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL, 4th Edition. Boston, LP
Reutzel, D. R. & Cooter, R. B. 2004 Teaching Children to Read: Putting the Pieces Together Fourth Edition LL
Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance 2005 Adapted Physical Education Manual of Best Practices: Administrative Guidelines and Policies SPED
Warren, R. 2002 The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? D
? 2007 Sigmund Freud; Carl Gustof Jung; http://www.iep.utm.edu/http://www.iep.utm.edu/
a Key:
cl = Child Language Studies & Research
cll = content literacy learning
d = devotional
ece = Early Childhood Education
ld = leadership development
lp = language and pedagogy
ll = literacy and learning
sped = special education
zzz = easy reading go to sleep


Published Poem--Immortal Verses--poetry.com--Go vote for it please!

Arron…growing up
Like a beanstalk

Much like the myth
You have the beauty of
A mermaid

Beyond a princess
Or a bratz doll

Those beautiful eyes will observe the world when She falls
And you will see me grown old

Your hand will one day wipe sweat from
My brow
And drop water on my chapped lips

And will soothe the furrow in my face
And will one day remember better days
When my mind was clear
Like a forbidden lake
And you watch the light in my

Green eyes

Go out
What will you think? I was wild when you were
Growing up
Like a wild stallion that
Couldn’t be bridled or tames

Like trying to capture a typhoon in
A bottle
You will watch me become meek
And old and watch my hair go from
Black as jet to

And watch my eyesight fade…as my glasses get a little thicker and
My body
Gets a little weaker
Please have mercy on me for not
Remembering every birthday…and not loving your Momma like I was supposed to

When my candle goes out say a prayer for me
And scoop the earth over my face
And weep in happiness and in celebration of my life…not my parting

My Resume

1039 CR NW 1080
(903)632-0072 OR (903)632-1720
dd68@hotmail.com, lhume@leo.tamu-commerce.edu

 Have extensive background in abnormal psychology
 Can speak some Spanish
 Have computer experience as well as record keeping
 Good with children of any age


 Discipline style is firm but fair
 Enjoy challenging situations
 Can work as a team player, but especially behind the scenes
 Effective as an advocate for students and parents

Work Experience
2006-2007 Sulphur Springs Independent School District
Position: Substitute Teaching

Description: Worked in a variety of classroom situations, including behavior and special education

2005-2006 Pittsburg Independent School District
Position: Life Skills Teacher/Homebound Teacher

Description: Taught and supervised children with low incidence disabilities, adjusting instruction to meet each child’s individual needs, designed Local District Alternative Assessments (LDAA) for students who were required to be tested in reading, math, and writing activities, created lesson plans geared according to each student’s Individualized Education Programs (IEP), designed behavior programs for students with low incidence disabilities, Performed routine record keeping of both student progress and SHARS (School and Health Related Services) related activities, directed activities of the in-class aid and/ or nurses, provided assistive technology services, and adapted physical education instruction ; as homebound teacher, made sure students who were unable to attend school completed in-school assignments as well as adjusting instruction to meet each child’s individual needs

2003-2004; Spring of 2005 Mount Pleasant Independent School District
Position: Long-term substitute, student teacher

Description: Performed instruction in the absence of
Regular instructor or assistant; became familiar with
Behavior and discipline policies of larger school
District; came to campuses prepared for any and all
Instructional situations; Student taught in Life Skills
Classroom in functional academics, content mastery,
Severe and profound

2002-2003 At Home Healthcare
Position: Provider

Description: Performed personal care tasks for elderly and people with disabilities, included cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and assistance with personal care, also provided personal companionship

2001-2002 Hospitality House
Position: PRN/Mental health technician

Description: Worked in many capacities in the facility, including nurse’s assisting (mental health technician), teaching and social services (rehabilitation technician); had experience with a behavior program; assisted clients with activities of daily living (ADLs), wrote some personal care plans and did routine record keeping

2001-2002 Citadel Security
Position: Non-commissioned Security Officer

Description: Monitored the gate of the Winfield South Mine (TXU), greeted visitors at front gate, kept watch for fires and accidents, monitored rainfall and number of trains going and leaving the facility; also measure temperature with a thermometer

1995-1996 Northeast Texas Community College newspaper The Eagle

Position: Student reporter

Description: Reported and wrote news and feature
Stories concerning college and surrounding community;
Took photographs; did proofreading and paste-up

Volunteer Experience

 Safe-T Crisis Center- Battered Women’s Shelter and Sexual Assault Program
 Cypress Basin Hospice
 Fairview Cemetery Association
 I AM SPECIAL Too,-organization for students with special needs

Licenses, Certifications

 State Board of Educator Certification
 Generalist (EC-4) Expires (09/10/2010)
 Special Education (EC-12) Expires (09/10/2010)

 Texas Commission on Private Security
 Licensed Non-commissioned Security Officer 2001-2004

Professional Development
 Attended training on PDAS evaluation system at Region 8
 Attended T. R. I. P. I Academy for teachers of students with low-incidence disabilities
 Received training on adapted physical education
 Received training on Autism
 Sat on Student Intervention Team at Pittsburg Primary for students at-risk of being referred for special education because of academic failure, low performance or behavior
 Collaborated on a study with a teacher from Greenville Independent School District on therapy animals and their use with children; Tentatively scheduled for publication


 Texas A & M University-Commerce
Master’s of Science
Major: Reading Minor: split minor in English as a Second Language and Psychology
Scheduled graduation date: May 2010

 Texas A & M University-Commerce
Master’s of Education
Major: Elementary Education Minor: Special Education
Scheduled graduation date: May 2008

 Texas A & M University-Commerce
Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice
Major: Criminal Justice
Graduated: May 2001

 Texas A & M University-Commerce
Bachelor’s of Science
Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology
Graduated: May 1998

 Northeast Texas Community College
Associate of Science
Major: Social Work Minor: Applied Psychology
Graduated May 1996

 Sulphur Bluff Independent School District
High School Diploma
Graduated: May 1995

Future Plans
 To teach Discipline Classroom
 To design a good discipline program per the campus administration
 To teach at least five years in a public school
 To become certified in all-level ESL
 To become certified in 4-8 English Language Arts and Reading
 To become an all-level Reading Specialist
 To obtain doctorate in Higher Education with a minor in criminology and educational psychology
 To open a not-for-profit ministry mentoring program for youth at-risk both academically and personally in my community

 Available on request

Educated people

Every once in a while, you will come across people who are interesting...and you will come across people that march to the beat of a different drummer.

I had two instructors this semester I really admire...Dr. Laura "Chris" Green and Dr. Steve Ball. Dr. Green teaches bilingual/ESL education courses. Dr. Ball, also a practicing therapist, teaches psychology.

Then you meet these individuals that really inspire you. Dr. Josh Thompson is one of those in my case....I can't believe he was once a kindergarten teacher. How many dudes can say have ever been a member of the "pink collar" workforce. But he really inspires me--his sensitivity, his warmth, and his creativity, not to mention the fact that he is open-minded....For those of you who would like to know more....here is his faculty webpage....


You have got to wonder if this guy is a little off his rocker...But he is one of the coolest individuals I know....check out his website!

Since this will be my next post....

Well sport's fans, I am finished with the semester. School is out for four days and I am relieved. I am little perplexed at the way that God has led me.

I have little confidence. Pittsburg I. S. D. demolished what little confidence I had in myself as an educator. I'm now back in school, after an extended illness, and I am also enrolled in a dual master's program.

Very complicated, these programs of mine. My first master's degree is in elementary education with a minor in special education. I chose this route because most schools, except in Northeast Texas (namely Mt. Pleasant, Sulphur Springs, Pittsburg, and Mt. Vernon) are going to full inclusion, and I am tired of dealing with small children. I would like to teach junior high kids, maybe high school.

I am also pursuing a degree in reading, with specialization in English as a Second Language, and a minor in psychology. Why such a convoluted degree, you ask? I am planning again on content above elementary school. Reading is an all-level subject in the State of Texas, and I don't want to teach elementary school anymore. I love elementary education, but I am tired of changing diapers, teaching someone how to brush their teeth, and how to go to the bathroom.

Plus, I am tired of administrators that take a dump on my face. They think because I am only 30 that I know absolutely nothing about education. Hell, I have PDD NOS, for Christ's sake! I know what I am doing.

You are probably reading this thinking...Why does she bother? Let me tell you something people...things have got to change. Let's face it: Not everyone is going to college. And the kids I taught will be lucky if they ever can live independently. Let's be real!

I think we need to prepare kids for a vocation. And if parents want to have their kids included, that's ok. That's their choice. We just need to give parents real options-not vouchers.

Until next time....

Where in the world do the highly qualified people go?

The buzz words now in education are "left behind", "tougher standards", "accountiblity", and "higly qualified"?

This is my question to you:
Where is the highly qualified president? We haven't had a decent one in about forty years. People born past 1957 seemed to be stuck in stupidity, while the people between the ages of 62 and 53 are "herding" into a kind "sheep" mentality. You guys are running the country for the very first time, and you are whining that you are too old. And you wonder why people don't want to hire you...

People like me, who are living out their second childhoods by returning to school, know that is is time for change. We are getting close to the age to run for president. Wake up 'Boomers'--the gen "X"-ers are taking over....