Well, welcome to 2009!

Well, welcome to the new year, fellow readers (and lady readers for all you PC types) We are greeted with a new presidency, a sense of strenght, huge debt, promise for the future...Wait a minute? Did I say, "huge debt"?

Actually I did. I inherited my own great deal of huge debt. I inherited three more girls, two grandkids, a newly married son, and a busted relationship. Plus three B's to boot. Go me. Humph....

Yeah, folks had all this hope for the future, yet all they ended up with was writing the auto industry a fat check. And yet, I and my kids are going to inherit their debt...

First off, I would like you guys to meet my girls--Abbie, Chloe and Lily, and my son Nick.

I think that their pictures are in the top left. If not, I will adjust it later. Yes, I have a mountain of debt. And it looks as though graduation is growing further away....Yet, I am still studying my butt off, as my health will allow me.

I am still studying elementary education and reading. I am also applying to the school psychology program. I want my doctorate, but that is in the near future. Right now, I just want this stimulus thing to work and I want to feed my growing brood. Off with me--to the libarry!