The future for Carrie

Uggh. What a crappy year! This is the year my son became a father and a divorcee', all well before his 16th birthday! God, talk about me feeling sorry for my granddaughter, Madison or "Carrie".

She was doomed from the beginning. Her mother is bisexual and a serial cheater, as well as a developing addict. Not to mention her tyrannical hypocrite as a father! God, my poor baby!

But I have developed pretty much the same philosophy of my dad...Nick screwed and he can fix it on his own. I did the best I could. I tried to give him a little structure, none of which he had. He thought that getting married to his little flower child cloaked as a country girl was going to make up for something he missed with his birth mom. Sheesh. Psychological problems you say? Unresolved issues? Build a bridge and get over it.

Everybody has problems and issues. Everyone is abused, blah blah. You know what? Get busy living or get busy dying. Enough said on my part!