The future for Carrie

Uggh. What a crappy year! This is the year my son became a father and a divorcee', all well before his 16th birthday! God, talk about me feeling sorry for my granddaughter, Madison or "Carrie".

She was doomed from the beginning. Her mother is bisexual and a serial cheater, as well as a developing addict. Not to mention her tyrannical hypocrite as a father! God, my poor baby!

But I have developed pretty much the same philosophy of my dad...Nick screwed and he can fix it on his own. I did the best I could. I tried to give him a little structure, none of which he had. He thought that getting married to his little flower child cloaked as a country girl was going to make up for something he missed with his birth mom. Sheesh. Psychological problems you say? Unresolved issues? Build a bridge and get over it.

Everybody has problems and issues. Everyone is abused, blah blah. You know what? Get busy living or get busy dying. Enough said on my part!


Hey yall--In Better Spirits--and much more hopeful....

Yes, folks I come to you in April with a lot more hope for the future. As it turns out, I will be in the doctoral program ASAP, as well as the LSSP program. I am stoked!

I am working on my research into the Woodcock Munoz and I am also doing what I love best--mentoring. This leadership class has been wonderful.

I have some pictures to share about sheltered content instruction. Hope you guys enjoy!


Well, welcome to 2009!

Well, welcome to the new year, fellow readers (and lady readers for all you PC types) We are greeted with a new presidency, a sense of strenght, huge debt, promise for the future...Wait a minute? Did I say, "huge debt"?

Actually I did. I inherited my own great deal of huge debt. I inherited three more girls, two grandkids, a newly married son, and a busted relationship. Plus three B's to boot. Go me. Humph....

Yeah, folks had all this hope for the future, yet all they ended up with was writing the auto industry a fat check. And yet, I and my kids are going to inherit their debt...

First off, I would like you guys to meet my girls--Abbie, Chloe and Lily, and my son Nick.

I think that their pictures are in the top left. If not, I will adjust it later. Yes, I have a mountain of debt. And it looks as though graduation is growing further away....Yet, I am still studying my butt off, as my health will allow me.

I am still studying elementary education and reading. I am also applying to the school psychology program. I want my doctorate, but that is in the near future. Right now, I just want this stimulus thing to work and I want to feed my growing brood. Off with me--to the libarry!