After another long bout of silence

Well, folks, I am here again after another long bout of silence. I now have three kids--including my daughter's biological mother. She wanted to stay connected to her baby, and she has never known the woman that was her mother.

I have long since stepped up to the plate of being a mother. I enjoy my children's play and their lives.

Yet, I wonder what has happened to play in real life. We as adults have forgotten about play. I am wondering why there is such an emphasis placed on academics that places all children, including college aged children, in chairs. I like to have a classroom where the students get up and move.

And people wonder why the world looks at our incidence of obesity. We are one of the few countries in the world where the citizenry is literally dying of gluttony. The only other incidence I know is in Leviticus in the Bible, where the Isrealites, after being released from bondage in Egypt, were whining about the dull, "boring" manna and longed for the days where they had onions, pickles, and meat. As if the bread that the manna literally was wasn't enough.

Yet, the Israelites were on the move, every day. And on one day of the week, they rested. And they played. This is a sabbath for them. We need to give our own children a sabbatical from TAKS.

Until next time, America.

अनोठेर बौत ऑफ़ लॉन्ग सिलेंस