And you guys thought I was dead or something....

For those of you who are not aware, my youngest daughter is now in PPCD and Pre-K. She is doing quite nicely and enjoying being around her classmates. I visited with her teacher Monday and hope that she remains friendly. I hope to have an allie instead of a force of nature.

My father tried to start school again this fall at Texas A & M at Commerce. He however, dropped out because of finanical worries. Why aren't we subsidising education for more needy individuals.

I am also myself returning to the education sector. I hope that after two more years of recovery time, some more professional development, and a master's degree that I am still marketable.

I am also newly married. My wife's name is Leslie Allison Smythe-Hume. We have been married a month and have a new baby girl, whose picture I will post very soon.

With much adieu, I bid you each farewell for this evening's addition.