A Current Reading List--in case you're wondering what I do with all my free time....

What are you reading?
Here is my current (06/06/2008) booklist

  • A Primer for Roschach Interpretaton. Exner. Rorschach Workshops. copyright 2001.
  • A Rorschach Workbook For the Comprehensive System. Fifth Edtion. Exner et al. Rorschach Workshops. copyright 2001.
  • Global terrorism. Lutz and Lutz. Routedge, copyright 2004
  • Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners. The SIOP model. Third Edition. Echevarria, Vogt. & Short. ABLongman. copyright 2007.
  • Racial and ethnic groups. Eighth Edition. Schaefer, R. Prenhall, copyright 2000..
  • Sheltered Content Instruction Third Edition. Echevarria and Graves. ABLongman. copyright 2007.
  • Theories of theories of mind. Carruthers and Smith. Cambridge, copyright 1996.
  • Terrorism: Opposing viewpoints. Greenhaven Press., copyright 2008: