Simulation vs theories of theory of mind

Well, folks I am now three days into the semester. I am taking a doctoral level psychology, as well as a criminal justice class. I was going to take a reading class, but the drive to Dallas was going to kill me and the gas is too expensive.

I am hearing a lot of folks are doing without this summer. Some have cut back on their use of utilites so that they can save greenbacks. Schools this year won't start until around the 25th of August because of the rising energy costs to the state. You know what would help this budget with the state? Eliminate the governor's salary!

A friend of mine wrote a blog about the state of education in the US. His question--are schools really failing? My answer: Yes. We fail not only our teachers and students, but our parents and communities. Our state ranks right in the middle of the list of poor performing schools. Imagine, the president comes from our state and we have low performing schools!

But let's place the blame on everyone where it belongs. Bill Clinton was actually the first president who pushed for the now infamous NCLB legislation. The Democrat party are actually the folks calling for teachers to be "highly qualifeid." This crappy piece of legislation is actually bi-partisan.