The puppet of Eminem--he's funny, but he is sure working my nerves!

I noticed something on t.v. the other day that I caught myself laughing at. Everyone likes Eminem, the rapper, right? Well he has a puppet that he puts in some of his videos and "promotional materials," named "Special ed". He is supposed to be funny because he is constantly gleeful when something "funny" happens.

But I no longer find Eminem funny. As a matter of fact, this damn puppet is damn right offensive. As a former special educator, it was my job to be "positive" constantly. Believe me, having to treat 4th graders like they were in preschool, constantly having to stretch a smile across my face killed me. "Research based best practices" according to my mentor, Mrs. Marth Vincent at the Regiion VIII Education Service Center.

Yet, sometimes, I wanted to hang my head and cry. My first year was so damn difficult, made more difficult by veteran teachers because of literal professional jealousy. No, I wasn't educated to become a special educator--but then again, it wasn't much of a stretch.

I believe that much this sickening positivity is only being practiced in Northeast Texas. I read constantly another blog that makes me a little jaded, even though my friend Janet Morrison, who subsequently writes one of my favorite blogs, http://www.janetmorrison.blogspot.com, doesn't mean to make me cynical.

So yeah, Special Ed, kind of works my nerves, in the way that white folks in black face might offend Al Sharpton. But then again, I'm just a sourpuss.....